Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joke: Ah Beng eat peanut

Ah Beng is a bus driver; one day got this old folks home 'pao' his bus for a day trip to Pulau Ketam. Sitting right behind the driver's seat is Grandma Sue and from his rear mirror Ah Beng can see that Grandma Sue is happily munching away. In the middle of the road trip, Grandma Sue tapped Ah Beng on his shoulder and asked him... Grandma: 'Ah Beng ah! You want peanuts boh? Grandma treat you eat peanut, ai mai?' Ah Beng: 'Tenkiu ah ma... yes I want!'

Then Ah Beng also happy happy munching peanuts... about 20 minutes down the road, Grandma Sue asked Ah Beng again... Grandma: 'Ah Beng ah! You want peanuts boh? Grandma treat you eat peanut, ai mai?' Ah Beng: 'Tenkiu ah ma ... yes I want!' . To make the story short, this goes on for a few more times then Ah Beng finally asks Grandma Sue...

Ah Beng: 'Ah ma ah ... you dont eat peanuts one meh?' Grandma: 'No.. no eat! Ah ma boh teeth la!' Ah Beng: 'Aiks! Boh teeth then why ah ma buy peanuts leh?' Grandma: 'No choice leh! Just now that 7-11 is out of chocolate so ah ma kena buy this peanut chocolate lor! Ah ma lick the chocolate around the peanut and the peanut give you eat lor!'

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First post via email

This is the first post via email to

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back in action

After a long, long while, I am back in action. Boy, time traveled so fast. At first I thought I would just put blogging at a side while focusing on my job. Without any warning, 5 good months has passed and I think I need to get back into blogging. Will I be able to keep it running? I don't know. Again, only time will tell.

So, what happened all this while? Hmmmm, as far as work is concerned there is nothing much. That's the sad thing with work: you worked, you get paid, and that's all. Nothing much. You don't really leave any trail (at least for what I have done). But then, I decided to move out from the house that I have been staying for the last few years. I figure that, it can be one of the changes in life that I can do.

Just wanna wish myself, welcome back. :P