Friday, July 27, 2007

I have fat fingers

I seldom thought that I have fat fingers until recently. I have been using computers for a long, long time, and I believe I can touch type quite well. However, beyond that, it seems that I can't do anything delicate. I keep dropping pills whenever I take them out of the bottle, I can't get hold of my glasses, I even dropped my towel when I took it to the bathroom (No, I was not wearing it =) ).

Now, I am considering a new mobile phone, and my fat fingers really bothers me. Nowadays mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller, so do their keypads. I don't know about others, but so often I am amazed by the speed people around send messages using the tiny keypads on their phones. So I was thinking, maybe I should just find one will an almost full keyboard to beat them sending mobile messages (I feel so stupid when I received a second message from a friend before I managed to reply his first one).

I am thinking of getting a Nokia E61i, but then, maybe I should research more on it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting busy again

Well, I have been quite busy lately. Got another part-time job offer and I have to do a little bit of homework. On the other hand, life has been getting busier too. Well, that's because I have put aside quite some important-but-not-urgent things when I was busy at work. So, got to start juggling life a little bit again.

If there is anything good which I want to share about is that I managed to catch up with some friends. Funny thing is that nowadays getting in touch with friends and having a good cup of coffee seems to be such a complicated things. Agreeing on the available time is just a start, there are other ad-hoc things that would just make us keep postponing our gathering. However, once we sat down and start talking, the moment is just precious.

Anyway, since I'll be busy with my part-time job, I think having coffee with friends just became a little bit harder, for now.

Friday, July 13, 2007

How to change password in Scribefire?

OK, my friend borrowed my Firefox browser and he cleared my cached. Now I have problems publishing from Scribefire because I keyed in the wrong password when it prompted me. How am I suppose to change/update the password if there is no options/settings for me to change the password?

Well, what I'll do is to create a new post, and try to publish to blogger again, hopefully it will prompt me for password again. If this post is published, then everything is solved. If it is not, then I have a big problem because I am so lazy to setup everything again.

Fingers crossed.


So it doesn't work. I ended up have to clear my cookies in order for it to work again by clicking Tools - Clear Private Data... - Cookies. But glad that it is working again.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's the use of Function Keys

Came across this blog asking for the functions of the Function Keys. For those who don't know, Function Keys are the set of keys labeled with an 'F' followed by a number (1 to 12), normally located at top row of the keyboard. Well, most of the time we don't use them, so they are usually ignored. However, F1 is used mostly to bring up the help page, what about the rest?

I'll share those I can think off my head now:

F1 - Help
F2 - Rename (select a file in Windows, hit F2 and you can rename the file)
F3 - Search (for some applications)
Alt-F4 - Close an application
F5 - Review, refresh, reload (Windows Explorer and generally browsers)

What are the rest? Do share with me!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Comments enabled, and it is not that scary

Today I decided to enable comments on the blog. Why? Because I came across some posts which I would like to share with the author, and I find comment is a great way to leave my opinion on the spot. But why didn't I enable comment previously? Well because I don't want to let spammers spam my blogs. After considering both pros and cons, I decided to take some time to moderate my comments everyday rather than not letting my readers share their thoughts with me.

So for those who wants to enable comments on their blog, this is my settings with the reasons behind. You are free to follow, or even better, comment if I've done something wrong.

Who Can Comment? Anyone (I don't want to discriminate anyone).
Comments Default for Posts: New Posts Have Comments (not sure what it is, but no harm)
Backlinks: Show (might as well)
Backlinks Default for Posts (again, don't know what it is, try)
Show comments in a popup window? Yes (navigating away from my blog is more annoying than a popup window)
Enable comment moderation? Yes (I hate spams)
Show word verification for comments? Yes (One way to hinder spammers)

I am not sure how well it works, just keep my fingers crossed.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Discounts in the uncommon place

I have to get some presents wrapped. I admit that I have the clumsiest fingers in my neighborhood. So I went to a gift shop after I purchased my presents. I asked whether they can help me to wrap the present if I buy a wrapping paper from them. The sales girl told me that it was chargeable, and the fee was much higher than the wrapping paper alone. She advised me that the best way is to buy the wrapping paper and wrap the present myself.

While I was busy searching for a cheaper wrapping service, I saw a Christian bookstore. I thought to myself,"OK, if I were to let someone earn the money, it might as well with this Christian bookstore". I went in and asked if they mind helping me to wrap my presents. The lady said she can only do simple wrapping. Fine with me. I bought a nice wrapping paper, and handed everything to her. Within minutes it was done, and she didn't charge a single cent!

Happily, I went home with a nicely wrapped present.

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