Friday, July 27, 2007

I have fat fingers

I seldom thought that I have fat fingers until recently. I have been using computers for a long, long time, and I believe I can touch type quite well. However, beyond that, it seems that I can't do anything delicate. I keep dropping pills whenever I take them out of the bottle, I can't get hold of my glasses, I even dropped my towel when I took it to the bathroom (No, I was not wearing it =) ).

Now, I am considering a new mobile phone, and my fat fingers really bothers me. Nowadays mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller, so do their keypads. I don't know about others, but so often I am amazed by the speed people around send messages using the tiny keypads on their phones. So I was thinking, maybe I should just find one will an almost full keyboard to beat them sending mobile messages (I feel so stupid when I received a second message from a friend before I managed to reply his first one).

I am thinking of getting a Nokia E61i, but then, maybe I should research more on it.

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