Thursday, July 05, 2007

Discounts in the uncommon place

I have to get some presents wrapped. I admit that I have the clumsiest fingers in my neighborhood. So I went to a gift shop after I purchased my presents. I asked whether they can help me to wrap the present if I buy a wrapping paper from them. The sales girl told me that it was chargeable, and the fee was much higher than the wrapping paper alone. She advised me that the best way is to buy the wrapping paper and wrap the present myself.

While I was busy searching for a cheaper wrapping service, I saw a Christian bookstore. I thought to myself,"OK, if I were to let someone earn the money, it might as well with this Christian bookstore". I went in and asked if they mind helping me to wrap my presents. The lady said she can only do simple wrapping. Fine with me. I bought a nice wrapping paper, and handed everything to her. Within minutes it was done, and she didn't charge a single cent!

Happily, I went home with a nicely wrapped present.

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