Thursday, May 24, 2007

Unlimited Storage from Yahoo

Remember when everyone is happy with 100MB of mail storage? Then thing starts to get interesting when someone broke the 1GB benchmark. After that Google came out with a 2GB mail storage, with more storage adding to it every minute (still counting as of now). Although later on there were some 100GB email accounts offer, things are more or less settled down, until just now.

I was quite surprised when I checked my Yahoo! mail: the usual quota bar has gone. This is what I see in the main page telling me that now I have unlimited storage.

Although I have no idea on how to use up all these storage, it feels quite good not having to worry about quota anymore. Maybe I should start backing up all my data in my Yahoo! mail account.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I was shown this brainteaser which reportedly has been writtern by Albert Einstein. Basically it is just testing your logic: 5 people of different nationalities living in 5 different colour houses, drink different kind of beverages, smoke different brand of cigars and keep 5 different pets. Given 15 clues, could you find out who is the one who keep fish as pet?

This puzzle seems quite easy at first, but after a few clues, I start to get confused, and almost at one point doubt that whether it is possible to solve the puzzle at all. Of course, once solved, the puzzle will give you possibly the satisfaction of the day, or weeks, or months, maybe.

Well, if you have a couple hours to kill, try to solve this puzzle. If there is any advice, I would say try it with a few friends and have fun solving it together.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wild hogs........... yeah

Friends has been recommending this movie called Wild Hogs to me, saying that it is very funny. Me having to like bikes quite a lot of course took the chance to watch it over the weekend. The plot is quite interesting: four guys each facing their own mid-life crisis decided to take a road trip to run away from those problems they are facing, only to find that life has a lot more for them to experience.

The focus is fairly well distributed, even to those supporting actors: the highway patrol officer, the singer, the sheriff and his deputies; even the bad guys. Each of them has something that you can laugh at, and enjoy. The script is tightly written, which makes me almost laughing all the way from the beginning to the end. Bike lovers, especially those Harley-Davidson fans, will catch a glimpse of some really cool bikes; but be ready to feel some heart aches seeing some 'mistreatment' to the bikes.

Overall, it is a very entertaining movie, and I would recommend it to those who need to break away from their routine lives but don't have the nice bikes and the highway.

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