Sunday, April 08, 2007

All the best guys - in your exam!

Just a quick not for those who are having exams on Monday onwards:

All the best!

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Got a new bike... sort of

One of my friends is going for overseas, so he lends me his bike for a few days. It is really a big help, cause my bike is having some minor problems which needs a few days to fix. I went to his house, he showed me a few things which I need to take care of (besides crashing his bike),I took it for a spin in his neighbourhood and start to drove it home.

His bike is a Kawasaki ZZR 250, which is much bigger than mine, and thus needs some getting used to. The sitting position, the torque and the way to shift the gears. It is also more powerful, so I have to take extra care, and keep reminding myself not to be carried away and speed too fast. Nevertheless, the way back home is really fun and exciting.

Everything is great except the weight of this baby. I had a hard time pushing it into my car porch and park it in a nice place since the car porch is quite narrow. Luckily no one was watching, cause I look like an idiot pushing the bike bit by bit to fit into the narrow space. By the time I got it placed nicely, I was sweating and start wondering whether it is a good idea at all to accept my friend's offer.

OK, I didn't regret, the ride was just fantastic.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Study Group, Anyone?

Well, today we started to have a small study group. The youths call it a tuition, but I think it was more like a study group to me. They regard me as the teacher, but it's been such a long time since I first last touch all those topics back in my school that I have to go through it for a while before I can "teach" them.

I'm not sure about the youths, but it was real fun to me. Revising those maths questions which I had long forgot, I found it interesting to study without the pressure. However explaining the formulas and making sure your "students" understand is much harder than to understand it yourself, so it is not surprising that I was sweating all the time trying to explain those formulas while I try to understand them myself. Nevertheless, it is really encouraging when I see the look on their faces when they got the ideas, and the reward is really priceless.

The session was only for one and a half hour, but this is only for a start. Hopefully we have more people joining and have more qualified teachers than I am. Anyway, meantime, I'll be the one running the show.

Passover Celebration at Church

Yesterday my church has a celebration on Passover. The highlight, of course, were the two roast lambs. There aren't a lot of occasion where you can see a whole roast lamb, moreover there were two. At first I thought that it was too much and expect to have lots of leftover, but the response was overwhelming that some of those coming late have to sit outside of the church.

Once we got everyone sitted on the floor, the Seder was started. While a lot of us didn't have any idea of what is going on, and what's the meaning behind it, everyone just follow along. No one has any problem until eating the bitter herb, and some cried out when we were told to take the second one. Things got a little bit messy when some couldn't stand the bitterness and drank the wine (which should be drunk later). Since some of us was attending the Seder for the very first time, I think it is OK to give them the benefit of doubt of not following exactly.

Anyway, everyone was happy when we get to eat. We had a wonderful moment: sharing food, serving one another, talking and having fun. It really took us a while until everyone finished their meal and continue the rest of the Seder.

The celebration finished at around ten, but since it was raining heavily, most of us just stayed back and help cleaning up.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Overpaid parking fees

What happens when you overpaid your parking fees and there is not enough change in the Autopay station?

This is a question that crossed my mind, and my conclusion is that the machine will just reject your notes and insists on exact amount when it run out of coins. Apparently things can be done in a different way. I was paying for my parking on Sunday when I noticed that the Autopay machine took so much longer to process my ticket after I put in my note. Since there is no response from the machine, no message, nothing, I was getting a bit worried when the machine prompted me to get my 'change'. Funny things was, there is no coin; just a slip. I picked that up and it reads that I had overpaid and I should collect my change in the parking service booth.

Although it took me a while to find the parking service booth, I managed to get my change back. I might want to find out more about the system, but when I recall that paid tickets will be invalid in 15 minutes, I made a wise decision to finding my way to the nearest exit instead.