Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting busy again

Well, I have been quite busy lately. Got another part-time job offer and I have to do a little bit of homework. On the other hand, life has been getting busier too. Well, that's because I have put aside quite some important-but-not-urgent things when I was busy at work. So, got to start juggling life a little bit again.

If there is anything good which I want to share about is that I managed to catch up with some friends. Funny thing is that nowadays getting in touch with friends and having a good cup of coffee seems to be such a complicated things. Agreeing on the available time is just a start, there are other ad-hoc things that would just make us keep postponing our gathering. However, once we sat down and start talking, the moment is just precious.

Anyway, since I'll be busy with my part-time job, I think having coffee with friends just became a little bit harder, for now.

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