Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is recession coming? Does it really matters?

A lot of people, blogs, articles, news are discussing about the possible of a recession coming. Many times, people are quoting the 10-years-cycle: we were hit badly at 1997, and as 2008 starts, it is the coming of the next cycle, so called.

Stock market dropping, oil price increasing and forecasts are getting more conservative. However, I think the biggest problem is people are losing hope on the future. And once your are pessimistic, nothing matters anymore. Even someone were to give you a bag full of cash, the only thing that crosses your mind is that someone will kill you just to get the money from you.

When there is no hope, there is no progress. We stop working, we stop learning, we even stop dreaming. We dare not do anything, take any chances (not to mention risks). So the world literally, well, stops.

Of course, I am not saying we can make the world turn the other way round by just being positive. What I am saying is not to worry too much. If you can still keep your job,you have food and a place to stay, why complaint about life? Sure, you might not be able to buy the latest iPod, Wii console, and the latest gadgets; you might need to give up your shining SUV for a compact car. But hey, isn't it time we start to rethink our lives, and value our precious time having dinner with our love ones over some luxuries that lose their values every minute?

Think, and think deeply.

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