Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deaths in Myanmar Crackdown

This is not a right post for this blog, but I have to post it anyway as I believe it is important for more people to know about this.

Buddhist monks in Myanmar has led a protest against the government, and the latest news is that there were clashes and the first death has occurred. As much as we hope that the fight for democracy doesn't claim any lives, it seems that no war can be won without sacrifices. And the monks being the conscience of the country are doing their part to speak on behalf of the people in the country. They are very vulnerable because their are taking a non-violent approach.

On the other hand, Burma's blogger are using the Internet to tell the world what is happening in the country. It is a very powerful tools to raise the awareness of the issue among those outside of the country. I suggest that you visit Ko Htike's blog to keep track of the updates if you are interested. (Due to high volume of visitors on the blog, do expect glitches during access).

Let's pray that all the sacrifices will bear fruits.

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