Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, I am not really sure about this, but I have not been able to sleep until 2 a.m. recently. I do hope that I am just messed up with my biological clock somehow and it is nothing serious. That doesn't really affect my daily life, frankly, I just need to make sure that I have a cup of coffee before I start to work. I have been trying to reduce the "dosage" though, replacing more and more coffee with chocolate.

Some people says it might be caused by pressure. As much as I want to deny it, it is true to a certain extend. There are things in life which I hope I have already done but keep procrastinating due to timing, money, priority............ I am not really sure. I just keep pushing them aside whenever I have the chance.

Sometimes I wonder, should I just left everything behind and move to country side and start things over again. But then, I am so attached to the Internet... =(

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