Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have been thinking: should I refinance my housing loan?

Well, definitely I will be saving a few hundred bucks, but what is holding me back is the hassle. I have to shop around, talk to a lot of bank officers, compare all packages and offers, etc. Worst of all, I have to read, and reread all small prints to make sure that I didn't overlook anything before I commit for at least a few years.

Besides that, I have to consider the quality of service each banks are providing. It might not be worth the savings if the service is not good. Some might say that all you need to do is to pay every month, so there is no need for any services. However, I know from past experience that I _do_ need the bank's help some times. So far, my bank has been keeping me happy. That's another reason why I am quite reluctant to switch to another bank.

Is there any good way to evaluate housing load offer?

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